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Mombasa - Bamburi - Restoration

Firstly I should warn - this is a long entry. Now that I have finished I thought I should just put this to begin with :)

So the last couple of days have flown by. We have been so busy we have not really had much time to stop. On Friday night (4th) we went out for a drink with Milton, who I am sure would love to have taken Nikki home to his mother - in exchange for camels of course!

In the morning (5th) we were met by Olympas who took us on a Matatu to Bamburi to our homestay. We settled in and we met Mohammed again (picked me up from the airport). Moham made us a lovely lunch and then we went for a walk to pirates beach, I had a swim in the VERY warm water (it was like I was looking for a cold spot’) and then we hung out at the beach for the night — had some drinks — watched some games for a Hindu Beach Party — travelled home (very interesting ride home — I think we broke the car)

Front of House

Our Bedroom

Pirates Beach

Camel on Beach

Umbrella and Boat at Sunset

The next day in the homestay we started off the morning with some Swahili breakfast. Moham and I made Chai together — with Tangawizi (a ginger spice for a sore throat), I have got the recipe for me to bring home — so no more visiting Coco’s cause I have Moham’s Chai. We spent the rest of the day in Mombasa Town — had a great lunch at Moham’s friends restaurant (which we will go back to when we are back in town).

Bathroom Homestay

Kitchen Homestay

Today is the 7th and it has been a big day to say the least. Today Nikki took me to Restoration Orphanage, where she worked for months 2 years ago. As we got out the car the kids came running to it. Eric remembered Nikki and through his arms around her and hugged her tight. It was emotional. To see her with those kids, Serena, Eric, Lynette … and all the others. Nikki introduced me to all the ones she remembered. We gave them all sweets. We then went for a walk to the school — which unfortunately in the rainy season had been badly damaged (when it fell it actually killed one of the children). As I walked to the school one of the girls attached herself to me — Sauda. Oh, I held her hand as hard as she held mine. She tucked her sweets between my hand and hers and said hold?’, so we did until we got back to the orphanage. When we got back it was lunch time for the kids — so Nikki and I walked down the road to the store and Nikki got them some Fanta and Coke to go with lunch. When we came back they were excited — lots of photo’s, lots of singing for us and they loved our sunglasses.


Nikki handing out sweets

Lunch time with Eric and Serena

Eric, Lynette, Nikki and Serena

Lynette, Christopher (in front), Me, Eric and Justin

This part of our day was the hardest — but important, so I will be quick — after being led through the village by one of the boys we found Mapenzi. Nikki gave her a small angel and got someone to explain that someone was watching over her. We waited for her mum who was praying in her small house. We left what we had with us for her and the family and left with a sense of misunderstanding (a few things to process really).

Mapenzi with her sister and the angel — this is hope

Mapenzi and her sister infront of their house

So after the visit to Restoration and after talking with the kids, Mohammed, Willie and Hussein came and picked us up and we asked if we could make a trip to Nakumart to collect some things that the kids had mentioned in their chats. Some of them commented on not having any shoes — so we bought some shoes. Lynette asked for some socks — so we bought some socks. Eric asked for a bike — so we got a boys bike and we also got a girls bike (thanks to a special couple who’s donation paid for the girls bike). We also bought some food (maize, rice, basmati rice, salt, sugar, oil etc). We took them back to restoration — thanks to the boys for taking us all the way and just being so supportive.


/Elsa Phillips: Your story of the sharing and friendship both from and towards the people in Kenya is lovely to read. Its important for us all to always remember how we’re equal as humans in this world and we’re all special in our different ways. Well done for taking time to show your love to other people. We can’t wait to hear all of your stories and experiences when you get back to Australia. Take care, Dad&Mum. xxxxxx

Kelly: Di!.. this made me cry..
I wish so much that i was there with you to share this with you and Nikki, but i am so so glad that you have each other there and that you are experiencing Africa for what it is!
It sounds like you are having an amazing and eventful time and it looks like God is really moving through what we have to offer and give!
I still havent stopped praying for you (and i wont be stopping any time soon!)
i love you so so much! (Nikki too! :) )
God Bless!!
Kel x x x x x x

Di: Thank you guys so much for posting. I am sure that I you (Kelly, mum and dad) were here you would do the same thing. There is so much to learn from this place. Love you all lots and will speak soon. Xoxo

Up next Mobasa + Bamburi Okay - no photos this time - but just to let you know that we are alright. I have met up with Nikki here in Mobasa - which is a happening little MIA Sabbath Day
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