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Canberra - National Gallery - Masterpieces May 1, 2010 So, it has been a while since posting. There are a few reasons for this, but I will catch up on my posting before I let the news go on the journal. MIA in the Daily Telegraph Mar 30, 2010 Taken from the Daily Telegraph on Monday - 29th March 2010 Video Link Danny’s unusual commute Kayaker Danny Blackwell has one of Sydney’s most reduce ... reuse ... recylce ... Mar 22, 2010 Someone recently asked me if they could recycle meat trays. Here is a brief look at recycling - or you can look here. that covers meat trays. What MI21 Mar 6, 2010 While I was in Uganda on the Permaculture Course my friend Kate mentioned her partner was on tour in Melbourne at the Arts Centre when I got home. Caboose + Coffee Mar 3, 2010 Alright, so now that I am back from Africa I have decided to change a few things to help me mentally and socially get through some of the things SLF Mar 1, 2010 that stands for Sustainable Living Festival. Which was grand! I have not posted for a while, but I thought I would start with some links and Is Chapati the same when you are not in Africa? Feb 16, 2010 So I am sure that if some of the people I spent time with in Uganda could read this post they would wonder why I just cooked chipati’s. Each morning 7 Days of Table Mountain Feb 15, 2010 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday sonya: ooohh clouds….. Diane Greenwood: I have so many photo’s for you sonya - at Finally in Cape Town Feb 3, 2010 So Goodbye Uganda! What a wonderful experience and I hope it will not be too long before I return. I travelled to Johannesburg on the 29th January PDC Finale, Lake Mburo and Leslie's Paradise (Kigungu Village) Jan 29, 2010 On the last night at Sabina we had a big big party and as a part of it we all had to have a little performance. My part in the night was playing an PDC Course Jan 28, 2010 Hello Hello everyone! Alright so it has been so long since I wrote — mostly cause I have been just so involved in the course. What's Going On? Jan 14, 2010 Hey there - it’s Russell here, not Diane. Di’s in Uganda at the moment without much telephone, and certainly no internet - so until around Jan 29 Sabbath School, Markets, Lake Nakuru, Tracy's Birthday, Nairobi Jan 5, 2010 So I have missed a bit. To be honest I am totally tired and just enjoying the time I have left here. Sabbath - 2nd January 2010 It was Sabbath again New Years Eve + New Years Day Jan 2, 2010 New Years Eve The day, not much different to Christmas, was a normal rostered day. This morning as I saw Neil drive the ute out the driveway off to The Equator and Hot Pools, Lake Bogoria Dec 30, 2009 Rebecca’s mum click here to get to her blog  The morning started early, I went over to the house to meet with the architect again to see the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th ... Dec 29, 2009 Okay … so I have not had access to the internet for a couple of days. Here we go … Boxing Day - 26th This day was actually the Sabbath for MIA and Christmas Day Dec 25, 2009 So in all Christmas Day here was not much different to a ‘normal’ day here at MIA. When I think about it I wonder how easy it would be to change and Christmas Eve Dec 24, 2009 Hi there everyone, Merry Christmas to all. Just like to thank all the people that have been constantly supporting us over here and for all the Right into serving - and Mission 2 Dec 23, 2009 So today was the first day of rostered activities for everyone here. In the morning it was like we all just got to it and on with our jobs. Neil, Deliveries, Piave Clinic, Paint + Children Dec 22, 2009 Okay so this is going to be hard to report on everyone going everywhere. So maybe I will report what the group did as a whole and then put up Next page