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antipoverty week my arse …

No one was doing any harm, infact did this building know that it was helping? Did this building know that it was its chance to make a difference? did it? Now it shines with a brand new door and a tiny information brochure. It shines with glory and victory and security. A little less life but a lot more power! 



Alright so, anger and sadness have filled my thoughts for the last couple of days as I had big plans for this week. Anti-poverty Week was suppose to be a time where people bridge the gap, get to know and maybe make a difference in the lives of some people in poerty.

There is this carpark ramp at the back of my work, where some people have made their home. During the day their belongings are neatly stored in the cable trays that hang under the concrete slab above, no one would know during the day that anyone called this home.

I work long hours and this is how my freinds and I met. My plan this week was to make sure that each night there was dinner, or some new blankets, or even something like some flowers. I even thought of doing a painting.

Alas … my plans have changed. Monday morning, bright and fresh I strolled down the alley to find a dirty great big roller door stuck on the outside of the building. No people in sight. I don’t know who I am agry at, but I am angry. I feel like the one week that we should be trying to get over this I find this building just pushed them out. They were not messy, they were not distructive, they cared about where they slept! They were people.

Each day this week I will return with my antipoverty week poster and information and put it back up on the door, this is the 3rd day they have taken it down and I just went and replaced it! I should drop flyers off to each floor in that building today at lunch.


Russell: These people are just absolute scum - ugh. Keep sticking up the posters!

nikki: u are amazing..i thank you so much for being such an inspiration..if only more of us saw the world through ur eyes..cos they are the most generous loving eyes..full of determination and passion.
ur poster will be followed by many many more..that’s a promise..i will not let ur friends, who ware also my friends..go forgotten.

these moment of frustration..is what fuels the fire….

Scott: Some people are self orientated.This falls under the don’t breathe my air’ rant. Nobody but ourselves or who we say, can use this stair well’…… Somewhat distasteful

Jeremy Cass: This door says to me Welcome to a country that is seen as one of the best in the world as long as you pay your way and don’t get in my way”

The owners of this building should have a good hard look at themselves. Who is it going to hurt having people living under the ramp. Why do we see these people as below ourselves?

These people living on the streets are people of God and we can learn so much about compassion, kindness, honesty and love.

Keep sticking up those posters. Let them know that it is not right to traet people this way.

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